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SixBlue Data offers experienced mobile data information solutions for global Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) with an emphasis on usability in field environments.

Data collection forms are designed and deployed for multiple mobile device platforms, such as cellphones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's), in place of paper survey forms.

Mobile data collection tools offer three primary values:

  1. Elimination of the non valued added paper logistics, including the post survey hand typing of data from paper form to database or spreadsheet.

  2. Increased quality of data by enforcing data integrity and accuracy at the point of data collection. Data can be received and transmitted by various connectivity strategies dependent on the availability of communication infrastructure ranging from simple USB cable to cell phone.

  3. Near "real-time" bi-directional transfer of information.
Not only can mobile data systems replace paper data collection systems, but they are able to store and display extensive information products such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents, Microsoft Power Point training images, including Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheets.

Mobile devices can embed images from on-board cameras which can be associated with the data records. Geographical Positioning System (GPS) technology can be used to collect the exact location of the image and data to provide the entire information description of a record resulting in the "tripod of information" elements - data - image - spatial location.

SixBlue Data has extensive mobile data collection experience for NGO's in developing countries since 2003. Assessments and implementations have occurred on behalf of clients in nineteen countries, including Bangladesh, Uganda, and Bolivia in remote locations for health, education, HIV/AIDS and other sectors.

Actual case studies and detailed descriptions of the technology can be seen at:

Twitter: SixBlue_Data

SixBlue Data can be contacted at disaak@sixbluedata.com or by phone at +1 425-319-1646

After serving as a volunteer for mobile information projects for a NGO in Central America between college quarters in 2004 David Isaak founded SixBlue Data.

David is home-based in Arlington, WA USA and specializes in the logistics and project management implementations of field-level mobile information systems.

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